National Gathering of Elders is for all Indigenous Elders – First Nations, Metis, and Inuit to show the world we value their words, their teachings and to honor their legacy and their resilience. The gathering is an opportunity to build bridges and foster greater understanding and reconciliation between the diverse Indigenous groups in Canada and non-indigenous groups of Canada. Elders (knowledge keepers) play a vital role within respective Indigenous culture and many serve as moral compass for how younger generation interact with each other, Mother Earth and all beings. Our elders have a collective memory of our history, our treaty, our Indigenous ways of knowing and being, teachings, songs and ceremonies, which have been passed down for centuries.

Building on the theme ‘Coming Home, Voices of Elders,’ the National Gathering of Elders is going to be a place for laughter and the sharing of culture, traditions, history, and an opportunity for the creation of long lasting connections. The event will include opening and closing ceremonies, health and wellness sessions, a tradeshow, and discussion forums on climate change, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, revitalization of Indigenous languages and culture, and reconciliation. There will be an intercultural showcase, Indigenous entertainers, a talent show and a social dance.

Join us as the Indigenous Elders of Canada gather to discuss key issues that Indigenous people of Canada face today, as well as celebrate Indigenous culture and language of Canada. The Gathering marks the second time in Canada’s history that elders from every region and Indigenous group will come together in the spirit of friendship and reconciliation.