National Gathering of Elders and the importance of our Partners

Rupert Meneen, Chief of Tallcree Tribal Government and Grand Chief of Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta and Craig Mackinaw, Alberta Regional Chief of Assembly of First Nations in partnership with Treaty 6, Treaty 7, and Treaty 8 leadership, North Peace Tribal Council, and Metis people of Alberta have a vision to bring Elders from across Canada together to socialize, celebrate accomplishments, share stories, knowledge and share ideas for future work through hosting the first ever National Elders Gathering.

The National Gathering of Elders provides an opportunity for reconciliation-to understand the cultures, languages, traditions, complexities, protocols and diversity of First Nations, Metis and Inuit from across the country. The single most important key in businesses and governments is in developing opportunities through building relationships.

Only through the combined capabilities and capacity of the host and co-host Alberta Nations, Metis, and Inuit people including the support from our sponsor partners will the Elders gathering be as successful as it should be.

​Elders and community leaders from across the land will attend to listen to the stories, learn about the medicines, traditional ways and much more from the elders gathering.

Invitation to become a Sponsor Partner with the National Gathering of Elders

As one of our invited Sponsor Partners, we wish to offer you an opportunity to join with the elders on our journey together through witnessing, sharing stories and participating in traditional cultural events and feasts during the gathering.  The National Gathering of Elders provides corporations a wonderful opportunity to get to know, understand and respect the traditions, cultures, complexity, protocol and diversity of First Nations.  It is vital that business people come to learn who they are dealing with and the context of how to move forward. To do this a positive relationship needs to be developed and grown. Building such a relationship will help to enlighten corporations of the complexities of First Nations that will lead to deep lasting partnerships to bring certainty to projects that will be of benefit to all our futures.

Thank you to our sponsors

National Gathering of Elders Sponsor Partnership Levels

Contact if you would like to be a sponsor partner today. Thank you.

  • Co-Presenting Sponsor Partners – $400,000+
  • Co-Supporting Sponsor Partners – $100,000
  • Dinner Sponsor Partners – $60,000
  • Media Sponsor Partner – $50,000
  • Lunch Sponsor Partners – $40,000
  • Recognition Banquet Sponsor Partners – $35,000
  • Diamond Level Sponsor Partner – $30,000
  • Platinum Level Sponsor Partner – $25,000
  • Gold Level Sponsor Partner – $15,000
  • Silver Level Sponsor Partner – $10,000
  • Community Level Sponsor Partner – $5,000

Sponsor Partners entitlements dependent on the Sponsorship level

  • Be invited to provide 5,000 promotional items which will be placed in each of the elder delegate giveaway bags.
  • Be invited to have your company name on the volunteer t-shirts on the days of the event
  • Be invited to have your company banner put up on an entryway
  • Receive all event VIP passes to the National Gathering of Elders
  • Be invited to attend the Sponsor Partnership and Special VIP Recognition Celebration
  • Be invited to participate in the grand entry and opening ceremony
  • Be invited to use the National Gathering of Elders Logo on company marketing material
  • Be invited to have your company logo on the National Gathering of Elders Web Site
  • Be invited to have your company logo included in the National Gathering of Elders Program