Q) Who is hosting this event and why?

A) The hosting community is Tallcree Tribal Government as it was initiated by the First Nation’s Chief.

Q) Where does the registration money go?

A) Registration fees go towards food and venue costs for the event.

Q) What is the age for this event to be qualified as an elder?

A) Every indigenous cultural group have their own mechanism to define an elder and we invite any “elder” to come join other elders all over the country.

Q) I am a student on a fixed budget, I cannot afford to attend and pay the full price to attend the four day gathering?

A) Students and youth have complimentary registration with a valid student ID.

Q) Is there subsidy for elders to attend?

A) We are sorry to say that at this time there isn’t a subsidy available.

Q) Did you consult with and Indigenous Elders or communities?

A) Yes, Alberta First Nation elders advisory committee  from First Nation cultural groups have come together to advise on the event.

Q) How were decisions made?

A) Decisions were made in joint collaboration between core planning team and elders advisory committee.

Q) What are you hoping to get out of this gathering?

A) The purpose for an Elder’s Gathering is so the Elders can come together and take their rightful place as advisors, teachers and leaders.

Q) Are you focussing your conference on the topic of Reconciliation in Canada?

A) That is under direction of the elders.