Elders Gatherings are a wonderful time for people to visit and exchange memories and knowledge, to create new friendships and to renew old ones. These Gatherings provide a chance to gain perspective on how other First Nations live. The basic purpose of the Gathering is the need for Elders throughout the country to have inter-social and community links that bind them together as one people. It allows them to intermingle with like-minded, like-aged individuals and their families, to reveal common grounds that strengthen those links. It will offer the opportunity to interface with youth, which helps to mitigate the generation gap, and allows the younger generations to demonstrate respect, regard, and honour for their Elders.

Our Elders possess all the wisdom of the ages – knowledge and experiences that the younger generations need to guide them through life. It is very important that our Elders’ legacy is passed on to each generation that follows. With the world we live in becoming increasingly modern by the minute, we need to provide the balance that comes from remembering the past though our Elders lives.

​With the Gathering budget now over $1,500,000 we need the help of our Sponsor Partners that not only provides financial certainty to the gathering, but in helping to build respect and bridging a better understanding between our native and non-native people. We wish to work with anyone and everyone that wishes to join with us on our journey with the wisdom of the elders in building a better and brighter future for all.

Please contact us with any further information you may require.