Core Committee

The core committee has already established a detailed event plan, time line and check list that sets the framework for the elders gathering.

Time lines and activities have been established for the administrative responsibilities from everything to photocopying to bank deposits.

Insurance and permits are being scheduled along with the program content including a written narrative of the host communitiies.


Communication protocol is being established between core committee members, first aid attendants, security and first responders.

Signage is being developed for parking and elders’ convenience. Giveaway bags and contents are in the planning stage along with entertainment and a multitude of other activities.

Masters of Ceremony are being identified, sound and visual systems are being investigated along with handicap/wheelchair access, decorations, fire marshals walk through, publicity, media, parking, hospital routes, registration protocol group-individual-prepaid-hotel-gift bags-meal passes, accommodation and cultural games and activities.

Planning Team

The planning team has extensive knowledge in all of these areas and is working hard as volunteers for our elders to ensure everything will be in place for the best elders gathering ever.

We are already planning the volunteer recognition celebration. Our team is focusing on thanking our corporate and community sponsor partners for the wonderful service they provide by having them participate in the grand entry and attend the feasts and recognition celebration.